October 21, 2021

NGF is scheduled to have two modern, hydrogen-powered, RoPax Cruise ferries ready by 2025.

Hydrogen is the future solution to CO2 and NOX emission free ships. “The aim is now,” says Lee Martinsen COO of NGF,  “to make an agreement with a reputable hydrogen supplier in the Mediterranean area, for the required amount of liquid hydrogen.

NGF will need around 1000 m3/week. The agreement would involve: a price estimation and a full supply chain system, to selected ports.

The agreement is to be effective from mid-2023, so we urgently need to  find a suitable partnership that will strive with us for emission free ports and a cleaner climate, as set out by the Paris agreement.”

Since its inception, NGF has been in line with both the IMO TIER 3 regulations and the Paris agreement, using a modern/futuristic power plant with dual fuel (hydrogen, marine diesel oil- MDO) and clean renewable energy from wind and solar power.

The two RoPax Cruise ferries are small (135 m), have very modern hull lines and reach only medium speeds (up to 16Kts) on the selected routes. This alone will cut CO2 emissions considerably and use roughly 50% of the power and fuel consumption of other ships with the same passenger & car capacity.