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The journey to zero.

Nice Green Ferries (NGF) is a company committed to the environment and zero emission maritime transportation in Nice, France and the wider Mediterranean region. With innovative and sustainable shipping solutions using renewable energy and the latest environmental technology, we have already begun to fulfil our mission of reducing CO2 emissions, noise and NOX between today, 2030, 2050 and beyond.

 Our objective is to deliver on sustainability by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission through digital technologies.


The cruise ferries will have modern, size-effective, slender hull lines with low resistance and Hybrid electric propulsion with low/zero emissions - fulfilling the «Paris Agreement» as well as IMO TIER 3 regulations etc.

Our main business objective is to invest in modern, high quality, environmentally friendly and low noise RoPax cruise ferries of medium size; fitting 1,000 – 1,500 passengers - purpose built to fit into the tranquil port of Nice.

The ferries will have very good manoeuvrability and a shallow draft not to disturb the shallow blue waters and seabed sediments. The interior of the vessels will feature high-quality, large-size cabins for 2-6 persons as well as three restaurants, conference facilities, a night club, a pool, shopping/tax free amenities, a hospital, etc.

A LOI has been agreed for two Ropax cruise ferries from a German/Norwegian shipyard group, with the option of two more ships.

Bay of Angels, Nice, France.jpg
Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France


NGF is a new company with a Marketing & Sales office in Nice, France, formally registered in 2021. The company has Scandinavian owners based in Nice who will closely collaborate with local companies in the region as well as other Mediterranean ports where the RoPax cruise ferries will operate.

NGF will cooperate with the tourist board in Nice along with 1,000+ hotels on the Côte d'Azur and a range of travel agencies. There will also be a partnership with the conference centre in Nice as well as local & international incentive groups.


Vessel technical management, hotel management and restaurant operation are all to be subcontracted to well-known international vessel management companies.

NGF are in discussions with a reputable French shore agent.


The electrically powered RoPax cruise ferries are designed in a modular way to fulfil the intentions of the «Paris Agreement» which requires a 70-90% reduction in CO2 by 2050. By using medium-sized ferries with modern technologies and by choosing routes where the ferries can run at a slower speed - NGF vessels will reduce fuel consumption in line with the latest IMO regulations. 


Noise and NOX will also be reduced - the ferries will produce zero emissions when going in/out of ports and low noise will be achieved by using batteries. In order to obtain these goals, the ferries will also use a number of systems such as renewable energies from:

  • Hydrogen                   

  • Vertical axis windmills

  • Solar panels (sun roof)

  • Large-sized batteries

In addition, the ferries will use thermal energy (exhaust gas waste energy), which is transformed into electrical power.

The port in Nice, France
The port, Nice, France


Nice is a prime tourist destination in France and home to one of the busiest ports in the country. The city has in recent years introduced a number of eco-conscious travel options and sustainable maritime transportation is the next step on the journey to zero emissions.

NGF will contribute to a green and sustainable transport infrastructure in Nice and the wider Mediterranean region by deploying purpose built, medium-sized, RoPax cruise ferries. The vessels will take less trucks and lorries and manoeuvre smoothly in the shallow blue waters. Collaborations, such as with local hydrogen supply companies, will be established as well as other service agreements.​

In addition, NGF has plans to be established on the stock market in Norway and France.

Aerial view of the Port of Nice and the bay


NGF plans to establish all-year around cruises in the Mediterranean with Nice as a base and main port. The cruise vessels will also be of medium-size and built with the same sustainable technology as the ferries to promote a clean port, zero emission and low NOX. 


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